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Husband and wife team, Josh and Jordan Barclay, decided in early 2018 to make a purchase of a fiber laser to compliment their capabilities with their other company Spine Wallet.

Shortly after, Eterno made began in April of 2018 Josh and Jordan Barclay made their purchase of their 30w mopa fiber laser from Lit Laser

Josh Barclay has 13 years experience as a 5 axis CNC machinist, with a desire for making new products and design.

Jordan Barclay, formerly being a stay at home mom, has a creative mind for laser technology and innovation.

Together they both compliment each other to bring your ideas to life.


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    Hello, would you all be able to engrave a serial number on my blank neck plate for my guitar? Send me your email address, and I can send you back a photo of what I’m talking about. Thanks.

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